Overseas Exporting Trade


Our export arm is experienced in getting our goods into other countries.

We understand our overseas customers need to have confidence in the goods they receive, and therefore provide only the highest standard of product.


We ensure that goods arrive on time and clear the ports and customs with minimum problems and at no extra cost.


We also understand that you want your overseas partner to have a good understanding of the hurdles and problem that can arise out of exporting and that you need to feel confident that your partner will be able to resolve these issues with you.


We will assist you in all the necessary areas required to get your goods to you. We are experienced in shipping documents and the necessary paper work required getting your goods to you regardless which part of the World you may be in.


We are keen to build relationships with overseas partners either as distributors or agents.

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Les Laboratoires ROCHEX sont membres de BPI Excellence depuis 2012, communauté d' entreprises à potentiel de croissance choisis par BPI France.



Technosite Altea

288, rue Georges Charpak

74100 JUVIGNY (près d'ANNEMASSE)


Tel : + 33 (0)4 50 37 49 54

Email : info@laboratoires-rochex.fr

Ouverture : 8h30 - 12h // 13h - 17h