Sustainability, for the environment and your business...


Beyond the general intentions, Rochex Laboratories has undertaken concrete actions meeting this definition:

For example we have chosen:

  • The generalization of systematic dosing system dispenser
  • Ongoing improvement thereof
  • Development of a new mobile cleaning solution dispenser
  • Technical development of high concentrated products  in order to :

-          minimize staff exposure to product

-          réduce packaging

-          decrease transportation and fuel consumption.

  • Best practice guidelines to clean for health and environment
  • Recommendation for gradual and rational products: the most aggressive products are only used when no other product will solve the problem
  • The use of 100% recyclable packaging.
  • No production of components with CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reproductive toxicant)

Of course, Rochex has launched Ecolabelled product, according criterias agreed by organizations and environmental NGOs at European level.

So 7 différent chemical products are now available.



Février 2018 :

Les Laboratoires ROCHEX recrutent des Responsables de Secteurs, toutes régions.


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Nouveau Catalogue 'Produits Rochex' 2018

Catalogue 'Produits Rochex' 2018
catalogue produits Rochex 18 BD.pdf
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