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A responsible manufacturer and designer committed to environmental protection

Laboratoires Rochex is an independent chemical company created 60 years ago which develops, designs, and directly sells cleaning and disinfection solutions for local and international markets. Made in Haute-Savoie (in French Alps), in its modern and innovative laboratory, these 100 % French products are for the exclusive use of professionals.

The company offers tailor-made support to cleaning companies, the tertiary sector, hospitals, nursing and care facilities, local public utilities and industries throughout France.


Laboratoires Rochex now designs and manufactures more than 80 environmentally friendly products for cleaning, detergents, disinfectants, strippers or descalers, including more than 40 Ecolabel / Ecocert certified merchandise.


We distribute high-performance equipment with our high quality products

Since some products designed and manufactured by Laboratoires Rochex require the use of specific equipment, the company distributes nearly 2500 references from major reputable brands. From small washing equipment to washers, brushes, vacuum cleaners or protection kits, Laboratoires Rochex offers carefully selected and quality equipment. It also provides logistics and training assistance for the use of these equipment, to better serve and support its customers.




ISO 9001 certification

BCS  certifies/attests that Laboratoires Rochex  Management System has been evaluated and found to be compliant  with the requirements of the NF EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

ISO 14001 certification

Laboratoires Rochex Management System is certified by the BSC to have been evaluated and found compliant with the requirements of the NF EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

A Chemical company equipped with a dynamic and innovative laboratory


Situated at the heart of Haute-Savoie, our team of chemical engineers designs products adapted to the needs of our customers,  with deep concern for environmental protection.


Thanks to the dynamic communication between our field experts and engineers, our new products provide tailor-made and highly responsive solutions to rapidly address contemporary cleaning and disinfection issues (especially in the face of viruses).

Depending on the requirements of the field or current events, the laboratory regularly evolves its products to deal with urgent and/or complex situations.

At the same time, in close collaboration with its customers, the Laboratory has the capacity to develop, test and then manufacture specific formulas that meet their specific needs.

First and foremost, we are responsible designers and product manufacturers :


Even as Laboratoires Rochex distributes nearly 2500 references of equipment, the company remains, first and foremost, a designer and manufacturer of hygiene and disinfection products.
Actively listening to its customers, the company develops, tests, manufactures and packages specific formulas according to their specifications and demands.

We design, manufacture and package our products (standard and Ecolabel) in our factory located in Annemasse (Haute Savoie), France.
All our products strictly adhere to the standards in force, and our processes are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.
More than 80 products (cleaners, detergents, disinfectants, strippers, descalers, Ecolabels, specific products, etc.) are manufactured by Laboratoires Rochex . In total, the company offers nearly 200 products.
Research & Development

A laboratory committed to R&D

Laboratoires Rochex is committed to a medium- and long-term R&D strategy, with external partners such as the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission – CEA (www.cea.fr) and the Institute of Life Sciences and Industries and the Environment (www.agroparistech.fr).


A committed environment friendly laboratory

Dedicated to preserve the planet, Laboratoires Rochex teams have developed its laboratory’s research strategy with an eco-design mindset. Today, the company operates based on strong certifications and commitments, that support the global sustainable development goals and policies.

ISO 9001-14001 certification

This certification validates practices aimed at reducing our environmental footprint. We have fully complied with the regulations (Biocide Directive, REACH).

Absence of Carcinogen Mutagens Reprotoxic (CMR) components

We pledge to have no components which are potentially carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction, in the formulations developed by the laboratory.

A safe range class of products

More than 60 products designed, developed and manufactured by Laboratoires Rochex do not pose any hazard or toxicity to the user, and to the environment.

More than 40 ECOLABEL & ECOCERT references (detergents and disinfectants).


Overseas Export and Trade

Our export arm is experienced in getting our goods into other countries.
We understand that our overseas customers need confidence and reliability in the goods they receive, and therefore we provide only products of the highest standards.

Providing you the best experience




We ensure that goods arrive on time, cleared at the ports and customs, with minimum problems, and at no extra cost.


Knowing your need for an overseas partner who has a good understanding of the hurdles and problem that can arise out of exporting, and your demand a partner who can confidently resolve these issues with you, Rochex provides international trade expertise together with its quality products.


We are experienced in processing shipping documents and the necessary paper work required in transporting your goods and making sure they get to you wherever you may be in the world.

Contact us

We welcome building relationships with overseas partners, as distributors or agents.


For question about partnerships and relationships, please send us a message, directly sent to Laboratoires Rochex  Export Department.

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